Staying Warm While Riding ATVs in the Winter

Staying Warm While Riding ATVs in the Winter

Even in the winter, your ATV is extremely useful and fun to ride! However, there can be unique challenges to riding in the winter months. Our team at Owen Motor Sports is here to be a resource for all of your motorsports needs, so we’ve created a quick guide to help you stay warm in the colder months.

Upgrade Your Riding Gear

The first line of defense when it comes to staying warm during your ride is the gear you wear. You might need to upgrade to a more insulated riding jacket, buy better gloves, and look for ear covers that fit underneath your helmet! You’ll also want thicker socks and underlayers of clothing to protect you from the cold air and sharp wind.

Another upgrade you can make to your clothing is to choose waterproof or water resistant options.

Find Ways to Get Heat

Unfortunately it’s not common for ATVs to have cabs; that’s more likely in UTVs. So, having an in-cab heater or having a cab at all isn’t likely to assist you in staying warm! Instead you’ll have to be crafty about finding heat.

A few ideas include using hand warmers in your gloves and finding gear that can heat up! You may also need to take more frequent breaks to avoid prolonged exposure to the cold and to avoid wind fatigue.

Staying safe and comfortable while riding your ATV in the winter months can be accomplished with proper knowledge and preparations! Visit us in Effingham or Charleston, IL, to learn more about your options. We offer great parts and specials!